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Sean loves what he does & is passionate about working with wood. His work varies from the more simple jobs, to the more complex & he enjoys a challenge. No matter what the job, Sean works to extremely high standards. His attention to detail is notable & as he would say, sometimes to his detriment, as he often goes above & beyond what he’s quoted for, in order to provide his customer with the best result.

Sean was brought up in a family of builders & craftspeople. After his beginnings in building work, he moved on to roofing work, then engineering, before finding his niche as a joiner. He also worked in a conservation joinery workshop, so gained valuable knowledge about traditional woodworking methods. This work base means that whilst Sean is primarily an experienced, passionate joiner, he can see the overall picture & give a complete job, drawing on his past building & engineering work.

Joiner at work shaving wood
Southwark Cathedral

Sean’s roles in woodwork are vast & varied. Along with general joinery such as doors, windows, kitchens, bookcases & renovation work, he worked as a boat builder for 4 years, which requires extreme precision & a ‘way’ with wood. Sean also worked on the gothic arch door & windows at Southwark Cathedral. More recently, Sean has worked on the lovely Georgian Cnapan Guest House in Newport.

As well as joinery, Sean really loves making furniture, & his Welsh Stick chairs are sought after. He particularly enjoys commission work, with each piece carving himself into the history of a beautiful piece of family furniture for generations to enjoy.

Sean is honest, hard-working, passionate & knowledgeable. His motto ‘If it’s wood, it’s good’ means he’s happy to take on simple or complex jobs & will always work for the best results. Sean lives with his wife, Jane, in a beautiful rural spot in Ceredigion in SW Wales. They manage their land for the wildlife & enjoy nature at its best.

Blue Welsh Stick ChairHandmade 3 Leg Back Stool